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We design each collection as a harmonious seasonal wardrobe. Fabrics and silhouettes that we’ve taken care to develop, test and refine are specially curated for the mood of the season.

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EDITIONS is Stòffa’s platform to explore material innovations, develop new silhouettes, and collaborate with other makers. These limited-edition collections are a vehicle for cultivating our brand values, amplifying important messages, and connecting in and beyond our community.

Learn more about our most recent collaboration, EDITION 005.


Explore our Collection 07 Lookbook.


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Explore our Collection 05 Lookbook.

Edition 005

Presenting Stòffa Ceramics, designed and crafted in collaboration with Ceramica Artistica Solimene of Vietri, Italy.

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Explore our Collection 04 Lookbook.


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Holiday 2021

Explore our Holiday 2021 Lookbook.

Winter 2021

Explore our Winter 2021 Lookbook.

Autumn 2021

Explore our Autumn 2021 Lookbook.

Edition 004

A series of vintage deadstock F.O.C.A. sunglasses. Crafted in Cadore, Italy in the 1960s. Curated and prepared in collaboration with Lucio Stramare and his talented team of restorers.

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Summer 2021

Explore our Summer 2021 Lookbook.

Edition 003

EDITION 003 is the material conclusion of our dialogue with New York-based artist Landon Metz. Together, we explored the art of dress as it relates to the dynamic demands of life today.

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Spring 2021

Explore our Spring Lookbook here.

Edition 002

EDITION 002 is a collaboration between Stòffa and 11.11 that connects Indian artisanal heritage and Italian master craftsmanship through a personalized, made-to-measure service.

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Edition 001

Material innovation meets traditional craftsmanship in our new Suede Overshirt—a ‘clean-and-simple’ silhouette that’s lightweight and fluid.

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