EDITION 002 is a collaboration between Stòffa and 11.11 that connects Indian artisanal heritage and Italian master craftsmanship through a personalized, made-to-measure service. It was born from our shared belief that beyond beauty and quality, true luxury must be tethered to regenerative practices. We’ve melded diverse expertise to reimagine the relationship between cloth, clothing and culture.

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The Collection

EDITION 002 is a six-piece capsule collection made entirely from textile remnants that have been transformed into new fabrics through artisanal patchworking and embroidery. The use of these heritage techniques by skilled craftspeople imbues each piece with a unique sense of culture and character.

Stòffa EDITIONS are offered in limited quantities. EDITION 002 will be available for purchase until October 3 while supply lasts.

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Fabric and clothing have a powerful way of registering memories—stories of people and where they come from. Just as the culinary traditions of a region allow us to taste the terroir of the land, textile heritage connects us tactilely. The two fabrications featured in EDITION 002 demonstrate the value of each piece of material down to the last thread.

To make clothes, pattern pieces are cut out of a flat fabric and then stitched together into a finished product. Rather than discarding the pieces leftover from this process, 11.11 celebrates them, using an updated take on heritage techniques to create new, beautiful fabrics.


In India, chindi means 'torn cloth'—small fragments from industrial textile waste or, more commonly, household fabric remains. Through a unique approach that is equal parts freeform embroidery and expressionist arrangement, the 11.11 chindi technique reclaims these fragments as a harmonious, tactile collage.

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If a straight stitch is prose, embroidery is poetry. Part of the same functional embroidery genre as boro, traditional Indian Kantha features patches of worn textile mended together to breathe new life into the fabric and infuse it with renewed beauty and character. 11.11’s take on Kantha reengages remnant fabric from the garment making process by hand quilting curved patches together in a beautiful pattern that reflects the movement of ripples on water.

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"The transformational quality of patchwork—carefully mending fractured pieces into a beautiful, unified whole—is a poignant metaphor at this consequential moment."

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Stòffa is changing the way clothing is consumed by championing a shift away from excess and toward quality, sustainability, and individuality. Dedicated to thoughtful design, responsible production, and gracious presentation, we’re leveraging made-to-measure to make ‘buy less but better’ a real option for clients. We deliver lasting, personalized clothing and accessories through an intimate client experience and help clients build succinct, harmonious wardrobes.

EDITIONS is Stoffa’s platform to explore material innovations, develop new silhouettes, and collaborate with other makers. These limited-edition collections are a vehicle for cultivating our brand values, amplifying important messages, and connecting in and beyond our community.

Craftsmanship lies at the heart of 11.11 / eleven eleven. Renowned for its use of indigenous cotton and 100% natural dyes, the label uses heritage techniques such as hand loom weaving, hand painting, miniature tie dyeing and quilting. The label maintains its unique handmade vision by departing from mainstream manufacturing, producing small-batch slow-made clothing in collaboration with groups of artisans located all across India. Each season the brand dissolves distinctions between geographic and gender boundaries - the looks are safe for the skin and transitions seamlessly between cultures from day to evening wear. Expect to see relaxed silhouettes with a sartorial touch that echo the brand’s ‘seed to stitch’ philosophy. The brand was founded in 2009 and is led by Mia Morikawa and Shani Himanshu.