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Ahmad Waddel is a model living in New York. In front of the lens, Ahmad seeks to embody the hard-earned growth and persistence he's learned from coming up in the Houston fashion industry and self-starting his modeling career.

Sarah Catlow is a full-time data analyst and a part-time food artist. She is a mixed race, first generation Korean American—born in Seoul, transplanted to Arkansas, and raised in Virginia. The food she makes is an exploration of her cultural identity and her relationship with her mother. She's been working on documenting, sharing, and iterating on her recipes which are rooted in dishes that her mother grew up cooking and eating in Jeolla Province.

Takashi Yamada is a textile merchant originally from Japan and now based in New York. Takashi leverages his years of experience in the textile industry as director of Takahiyo, where he represents a global array of boutique weavers ranging from paper fabric specialists in Japan to an upcycled fabric mill in Guatemala.

Photography by Johnson Lui.