Material innovation meets traditional craftsmanship in our new Suede Overshirt—a ‘clean-and-simple’ silhouette that’s lightweight and fluid. Offered completely unlined, it’s made from an innovative paper-backed suede, and all internal seams are specially finished to create a smooth surface for easy layering. Each piece has been individually cut, sewn, and finished at our workshop in Campania, Italy our small but diverse team of skilled artisans.

The Suede Overshirt

Our Suede Overshirt is a lightweight, fluid piece, offered completely unlined. The lush feel and natural drape are ideal for sophisticated, casual outerwear. The askew ‘wave’ design on the back yoke is mirrored in the softly curved shape of the generous breast pocket. Other features include a soft pajama-style collar, on-seam hip pockets, and ultra-light gunmetal hardware.

Paper-Backed Suede

Cutting leather is uniquely challenging, but with this material innovation comes added layers of complication and potential for error. To create it, we had to work with an ultra-thin suede, backed with an innovative paper film so the inside of the garment is smooth and easy to layer. This specially developed version of our lamb suede is light, but not too delicate; elegant, yet easy. It’s only possible to do it with seasoned craftspeople.

Process: Suede Cutting

Meet Franco. He’s a true craftsman who grew up working leather by hand and now brings over 50 years of experience to the cutting table. Since each skin uniquely takes the dye, Franco’s trained eye first carefully selects each piece and maps the pattern accordingly to ensure all of the elements of the jacket seamlessly match in color. Suede is cut with a single blade rather than scissors, requiring a unique touch and precise technique that took Franco decades to develop. As he cuts, he intuitively adapts his blade to the varying thickness of the skins.

Rhythm and Focus

Franco’s ability also reduces waste, ingeniously utilizing imperfect sections of the skin that a digital machine would render useless. In short, Franco is a boss, and he’s part of a team of craftspeople whose deliberate rhythm, sharp focus and seasoned talent make Stòffa possible.

Stòffa is changing the way clothing is consumed by championing a shift away from excess and toward quality, sustainability, and individuality. Dedicated to thoughtful design, responsible production, and gracious presentation, we’re leveraging made-to-measure to make ‘buy less but better’ a real option for clients. We deliver lasting, personalized clothing and accessories through an intimate client experience and help clients build succinct, harmonious wardrobes.

EDITIONS is Stòffa’s platform to explore material innovations, develop new silhouettes, and collaborate with other makers. These limited-edition collections are a vehicle for cultivating our brand values, amplifying important messages, and connecting in and beyond our community.