How do you think about your dress and its function? Do certain pieces of clothing put you into a particular mood?

EDITION 003 was designed in conversation with New York-based artist Landon Metz over the last year and a half. Together, we explored the art of dress as it relates to the dynamic demands of life today; thinking through notions of comfort, function, expression and intuition to better understand the ways a piece of clothing affects our state of being.

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Images by Clément Pascal

Edition 003

This Double-Breasted Shirt Jacket is the material conclusion of our dialogue with artist Landon Metz. The piece’s design acknowledges a variety of garment-making traditions—from tailoring to shirt-making, functional workwear and uniforms—but aims to present an option free from their inherent associations and limitations. Developed specially for our signature peached cotton twill, the jacket embodies a design ideology where each component from broad shape and silhouette to detailed stitching and finishing uniquely reflects the spirit of the design.

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In Conversation

“…I have been evolving towards this sense of freedom and moving away from rigidity as much as possible…”  

Excerpt from our conversation with Landon Metz.

Image by Noah Emrich

Looking back to our discussions, how do you think about your relationship to clothing now?  

“I feel less of a need to be precious about my clothes right now. I have been wearing clothes that are broken down or in a deep state of deterioration, and that feels good.” 

For more, read our full conversation with Landon Metz.

We’ve admired Landon’s work for many years and first began discussing this project in 2019. The process of designing slowly and over a long conversation that spans life’s changing rhythms allowed us to reconcile evolving patterns in the design. Just as with Landon’s work, giving our conversation and work time and space to develop has resulted in a purer and more intuitive distillation of the idea.

Image by Clément Pascal

Stòffa is changing the way clothing is consumed by championing a shift away from excess and toward quality, sustainability, and individuality. Dedicated to thoughtful design, responsible production, and gracious presentation, we’re leveraging made-to-measure to make ‘buy less but better’ a real option for clients. We deliver lasting, personalized clothing and accessories through an intimate client experience and help clients build succinct, harmonious wardrobes.

“Landon Metz is a New York based artist who has garnered critical attention for his ability to imbue a spare language of abstraction with visual dynamism and a sense of movement. His paintings have the capacity to expand and deal with space serially, while being site-responsive rather than site-specific. Metz’s painting practice is marked by great sensitivity to site and scale, and increasingly incorporates performance and sculptural approaches to activate space.”

— Sean Kelly

EDITIONS is Stòffa’s platform to explore material innovations, develop new silhouettes, and collaborate with other makers. These limited-edition collections are a vehicle for cultivating our brand values, amplifying important messages, and connecting in and beyond our community.