04 August 2022

Shop Collection 05 of 2022, available online and at our NY Showroom until September 14, 2022.

Evan Browning is a photographer from Brooklyn, NY. His interest in image making first flourished while documenting his travels around South America. Upon returning home, he built his practice through influences of travel, fashion, documentary, and portraiture. Evan's work is an homage to his upbringing, shining light on the people and cultures he meets and learns about both while traveling, and in his everyday life in New York.

Aaron Parker strives to be like water as he finds his place on the surfboard. A New York resident, Aaron models, acts and bartends at the speakeasy Blind Barber. One of two identical twins, Aaron finds calm while working on and riding his motorcycles.

Jalil Johnson believes fashion is a living thing, and to keep it alive, you have to keep your eyes open and continue learning. Originally from the small town of Hurt, Virginia, Jalil moved to New York five years ago to attend NYU and pursue a career in the fashion industry.

Takashi Yamada is a textile merchant originally from Japan and now based in New York. Takashi leverages his years of experience in the textile industry as director of Takahiyo, where he represents a global array of boutique weavers ranging from paper fabric specialists in Japan to an upcycled fabric mill in Guatemala.

Zeeshan Hassan-Andoh is a multi-disciplinary artist and visual storyteller. As a native New Yorker and first generation American of Pakistani and Ghanaian descent, his work centers on an imagined, fantastical world that is largely informed by both his rich heritage and personal experiences living in the city.