We are proud to offer made-to-measure across all categories as part of our commitment to thoughtful product, personal service and responsible manufacturing.

We’re all unique – in our body type, and in our preferences. Our made-to-measure service is designed to better understand you and offer guidance tailored to your individual context. You’re involved in the conversation, and each piece is specially crafted, rather than taken off the shelf. The result is a garment you’ll wear and cherish for years to come.

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Made-to-measure means clothing that fits you. Starting with your closest fixed size, we take notes on necessary adjustments and individual preferences, and then custom cut a garment exclusively for you—one that fits not only your body type but your personal style, too.

Put simply, made-to-measure is a statement of care. Care for purchasing and dressing intentionally. Care to replace excess with quality. And care for conscientious manufacturing.


Clothing shouldn’t be disposable, which is why we craft lasting, personal pieces that wear well and age gracefully.

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on demand

Creating clothing only on demand removes the guessing game from production. So, in addition to offering a more personalized product and service, we avoid unnecessary waste and emissions. It’s better for you, and better for the world.

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The first step is to make an appointment for an in-person fitting at one of our showrooms or events. During your appointment, you’ll get hands-on with our complete collection, and work with one of our specialists to find the right combination of style, fabric, and fit for you. We’ll also take your measurements for any items of interest.

Once an order is placed, we custom cut your garment. Production takes approximately five weeks, at which point we’ll arrange a second appointment to deliver your order and review the fit, ensuring that everything is to your liking. A detailed profile is kept for each client, so the reorder process is always seamless.

Have further questions about the process? Get in touch with us, or visit our FAQ page.

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