EDITION 002: The connection between humans and nature

To trace the story of cotton is to trace the Anthropocene. In cotton, we can see the heights of human ingenuity and the depths of our cruelty. Cotton has been cultivated, modified, and pampered at all costs. Empires built upon slavery and inexplicaple inhumanity lived in service to a plant. Civilization has been engendered in the cotton boll. Explore >>

Process: Zero Waste

Both Stòffa and 11.11 are striving toward zero waste, so rather than creating something new to work with, now felt like a good time to engage materials already in existence, and in doing so highlight the true value of fabric down to the last bit.  

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Dialogue: On Slowness

Saman Amel and Stòffa are built on common values and principles...

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Responsible Production

Stòffa was founded with a commitment to conscientious, responsible production.

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Responsibility: True Value and Lasting Products

Consumers today keep clothing items about half as long as they did 15 years ago, and nearly 60% of all clothing ends up in incinerators or landfills within a year of its production.*

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Responsibility: Why Made-To-Measure?

In 2010, the global apparel industry produced more than 150 billion garments.*

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