Our exploration of leather continues with a series of travel bags. Thoughtfully designed to maximize volume and enhance ease of use; the bags intuitively complement a life on the move.

The lush texture, the natural firmness of cowhide and the color depth from vegetable dyes create a beautiful tension that lends a sculptural quality to the bags.

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Our calf leather is specially finished for a rich and soft hand. It is backed with a biodegradable polymer to enhance the firmness of the hide, allowing us to create clean shapes.

001 Daily Portfolio

Simple elegant lines that will become your perennial companion. It has dedicated expandable spaces designed for laptops and documents along with a magnetic closure that allows for easy access. The firmness of the leather keeps your documents safe while the lush hand makes it a pleasure to carry.

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002 Daily Brief

A meticulously designed shape to prepare you for anything the day has in store for you. A two section design with the first created to perfectly fit our daily portfolio. The second section is ideal for all the extra carry - a camera, chargers or a change of clothes. It includes a large detachable wallet to keep your valuables separate.

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003 Weekly Carryall

This one is a perfect blank canvas. A spacious design with clean lines make it the ideal choice for a week long trip or weekend getaway for two. It has a unique double zipper that allows easy access into the bag from both sides. It includes two large detachable wallets for all your travel documents and valuables.

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