We believe that hats are a beautiful and functional accessory made inconvenient by their bulky, stiff structure. To remedy that we created these lush, rollable felt hats that are the perfect travel companion.

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We began with a study of felt and its role in hat making in our quest to deliver a hat that can withstand the rigors of modern life.

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Every element from the felt to the sweatband was tested separately and then together - delivering a hat that will wear well through the years.

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Our special steaming and blocking process allows the hats to readily return to shape after being rolled. And like the best things in life, they get better with age. Wear them, roll them, travel, beat them up - they will only get softer and more comfortable.

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We offer our beaver and rabbit felt hats in a range of rich tones.

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01. Rabbit Felt Hat in Cement

02. Rabbit Felt Hat in Sand

03. Rabbit Felt Hat in Taupe

04. Rabbit Felt Hat in Forest Green