In Depth: Natural Wool

Our Natural Wool series showcases the ultimate noble fiber in its purest form.

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In Depth: Summer '21 Fabrics

Learn more about the specially curated fabrics that make up our summer '21 collection.

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Introducing: Drawstring Trousers

This Drawstring Trouser is the latest addition to our washable series.

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EDITION 002: The connection between humans and nature

To trace the story of cotton is to trace the Anthropocene. In cotton, we can see the heights of human ingenuity and the depths of our cruelty. Cotton has been cultivated, modified, and pampered at all costs. Empires built upon slavery and inexplicaple inhumanity lived in service to a plant. Civilization has been engendered in the cotton boll. Explore >>

Process: Kantha & Chindi

The fabrics featured in EDITION 002 are created by skilled artisans using heritage techniques that are deeply rooted in Indian textile traditions.  

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Process: Zero Waste

Both Stòffa and 11.11 are striving toward zero waste, so rather than creating something new to work with, now felt like a good time to engage materials already in existence, and in doing so highlight the true value of fabric down to the last bit.  

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Introducing: Fabric Guide

We are pleased to introduce our fabric guide.

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Introducing: Needle Corduroy

Introducing our silken needle corduroy.

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