11 December 2021

Stòffa Recommends: Holiday Gifts

featuring personal gift ideas from our family of collaborators.

01 Ribbed Polo in Ivory Cashmere

"This ribbed polo is simple, chic and I love its generous proportions; the fullness through the body is gathered up perfectly by that thick ribbed hem. Cream is an easy colour to wear too, and flatters just about every different kind of skin tone – perfect for gifting."

— Aleks Cvetkovic, Journalist & Content Strategist

“The Ribbed Polo: such a luxurious layer in many versatile colors. It has the perfect weight and softness for smart/functional winter dressing.”

— Julia Hori, Writer and Scholar

02 Roll Neck in Ivory Cashmere

“I find this roll neck sweater in ivory both iconic and truly comfortable. I also loved how this season Stòffa showed it worn in different ways for both men and women. A versatile piece that is a tailor-made option for a gift.”

— Arunesh Madan, Stòffa Muse

"I’d be a total legend on Christmas Day if I gave Ameé the taupe cashmere roll neck sweater. It’s so her - soft but strong, new but classic… perfect tone too.”

— Glen Allsop, Photographer

03 Work Shirt in Ecru Upcycled Cotton and Roll Neck in Taupe Cashmere

"I’d give Glen the ecru work shirt. He can never have too many work shirts and this one has the details just right. I also like that it’s upcycled cotton."

— Ameé Allsop, Designer

“The Double Breasted Shirt Jacket, in combination with the matching trousers, is a great way to wear a suit without anybody (at least not everybody) pointing out that you’re wearing a suit. You get to feel like a million bucks without being flashy.”

— Alex Goldstein, Creative Consultant

04 Double Breasted Shirt Jacket and Single Pleat Trousers in Sand Peached Cotton

05 Cashmere and Silk Scarves in Emerald, Mint Backgammon and Pearl Fading Chevrons

"Our cashmere silk scarves are a team favorite. The romantic origin story—meticulously woven on century-old shuttle looms—combined with the soft, cozy hand makes for a really special gift.”

— Team Stòffa

06 Roll Neck in Ice Cashmere

“I love the cashmere roll neck in this pale shade of blue. It’s a perfect compliment to brown, cream, taupe and sand. Simply a perfect gift to treat yourself or a loved one—especially in the cold weather this time of year.”

— Andreas Weinås, Editor

"I used to say clothes make the man. Now I say pants make the man. Think about it: pants are the item most consistently gotten wrong by both manufactures and customers. Great pants are rare and valuable. On the offhand advice of the late Glenn O’Brien, if I find a good pair of pants I buy three pairs just to have in reserve. In case the manufacture leaves me hanging in the future. Stòffa’s single pleat trouser is such a pant."

— Josh Peskowitz, Fashion and Creative Consultant

07 Single Pleat Trousers in Walnut, Chocolate and Slate Moss Flannel

“A good gift can be many things, but a *great* gift is all about frequency of use. This portfolio is an everyday staple that’ll remind your friend, loved one, or colleague just how awesome they (and you) are every single day.”

— Alex Delany, Hospitality Consultant

08 Daily Portfolio in Clay Calfskin

"I never thought of myself as a "leather jacket" kind of person until I had one of these in my wardrobe. Now it's sort of a signature item for me. The suede is incredibly soft, the colors are subtle, and the overall fit and drape of the jacket are spot-on. Every little detail is also dialed in, from the shapes and placements of the pockets to the curves of the zipper pulls. Giving someone MTM clothing as a gift is a really special thing, and a piece like this is sure to become a longtime favorite companion."

— Stephen Pulvirent, Artist & Creative Director

09 Asymmetric Jacket in Taupe Suede (available made-to-measure), 10 Flight Jacket in Taupe Suede

"If I’m going to be more specific than choosing every pair of trousers, I’d say the taupe suede flight jacket is an easy favorite. Of the Stòffa pieces I have, the flight jacket spends the least time in the closet and the most time on my body. It’s an every-occasion, three-sometimes-four-season piece that I can wear in the field, on set, to meetings, or dinner and always feel comfortably dressed."

— Taj Reed, Photographer and Creative Producer

“A deceivingly simple and seriously versatile garment. This piece hides a secret: a special hand split self-finished seam construction creates an unlined reversible vest from dye-free doubled faced merino wool.”

— Noah Emrich, Designer

“Picking my favorite Stoffa piece for their holiday gift guide has never been easier. Having someone—anyone—in my life who loves me enough to buy me the perfect leather jacket is the hard part.”

— Lawrence Schlossman, co-host Throwing Fits

12 Flight Jacket in Black Plongé

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