02 November 2020

On Location: East Hampton, NY

with architectural designer Ameé Allsop and photographer Glen Allsop.

"The sea is where our day begins. A moment to be grateful for our surroundings and take note of the elements. The boys have freedom. The perimeter is far. The horizon is subtle and lifts our eyes beyond ourselves. There is never regret starting the day this way."

- Ameé

"The tangible nature of capturing light on a little piece of acetate never ceases to amaze me. There's a sense of purity about it. The color feels true… It felt natural to photograph Ameé on film in order to capture her true essence. She is beautiful inside and out and there is an atmosphere about her that I am, and have been, forever attracted to."

- Glen

"We live day to day and follow our hearts. Searching out the poetic moments of the day, we find joy in our imperfect home which is also our creative studio. There is always something more to create."

- Ameé

Architectural designer Ameé Allsop and her husband, photographer Glen Allsop, live and work in East Hampton, New York with with their two sons, Navy and Finn.

Ameé is wearing our washable trousers in ivory basketweave cotton, our cashmere polo in steel grey, and our cashmere crew neck in taupe.

A very special thanks to Ameé and Glen. See more of their work here and here.
Photography by Glen Allsop