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Celebrate the start of summer with a bit of la stòffa.

Illustration by Dabora Choi.

Cafe & Alimentari

Ceramics with Solimene

Collection 04


Celebrate the start of summer with a bit of la stòffa. Enjoy an espresso at the bar, indulge in some gelato, or pick up one of our daily curated alimentari baskets featuring an array of local and imported favorites. We'll also have on hand Stòffa Collection 04, which includes an assortment of summer wardrobe staples, special one-of-a-kind pieces, and our new ceramics series—all available ready-made for the first time ever.

21 Spring Street
New York, NY 10013

16 - 26 JUNE 2022
Mon - Sat 11 am to 7 pm
Sun 12 pm to 6 pm

Excerpts from our Impressions series in shot northern Italy. Photography by Sam Youkilis.


$1 espresso, macchiato and espresso tonic—all made from Necessary Blend coffee and served with custom hazelnut biscotti from Settepani Bakery. Refreshing rose lemonade. Daily picnic baskets developed in collaboration with Alimentari Flâneur featuring a selection of local and imported favorites. Complimentary gelato tastings with Gelateria Gentile every Thursday and Friday.

Excerpt from our campaign In Campagna. Photography by Glen Allsop.


While many companies cherry-pick a producer’s prized coffee beans, which are grown on tiny lots for high prices, Necessary’s mission is to offer delicious, accessible coffee to consumers while bringing more sustainable livelihoods to its suppliers. In addition to a producer’s premier beans, Necessary pays above-market prices for tasty though often overlooked swaths of coffee farms. They invest in their producers’ businesses and futures, making growing specialty coffee a more viable option and supporting the advancement of a more sustainable coffee industry.

All Necessary coffees have been sourced in close collaboration with the same small group of supply chain partners: Osito Coffee and the Divino Niño producer group in Colombia, the Long Miles Coffee Project in Burundi, and the Kata Muduga Farmer’s Cooperative Union in Ethiopia.


Traditional recipes and a passion for quality ingredients have always distinguished the Gentile family. Their story began in 1880 when Michele Gentile, the descendant of a family of pastry and gelato makers, opened a small kiosk in Bari, the capital of Italy’s Puglia region. Since then, the art of homemade gelato has been handed down from generation to generation. Join us for complimentary gelato tastings with Gelateria Gentile every Thursday and Friday from 1 to 5 pm for the duration of Bar Stòffa.

Handpainting ceramics at the Solimene workshop in Vietri. Photography by Studio Mare.


Presenting Stòffa Ceramics, designed and crafted in collaboration with Ceramica Artistica Solimene. A third-generation family of artisans based in Vietri on Italy’s Amalfi Coast, Solimene continues to preserve and elevate the rich ceramic traditions of the town, which date back to the 15th century. Our collaboration is the product of an ongoing study of materials and shapes that was brought to life with the help of the team at Studio Mare.

The Solimene workshop in Vietri. Photography by Studio Mare.

Molding our espresso cups at the Solimene workshop in Vietri. Photography by Studio Mare.

The inaugural set is made from a local Tuscan clay known for its unique elasticity and malleability, allowing for dense, compact shapes. Each design is a play on traditional proportions and forms—one on espresso cups from Italian train station cafes, and the other on tea cups used on Indian train cars. The particular glaze and application technique was selected to complement the clay’s original terra cotta hue.

This season’s lookbook was shot by photographer Evan Browning in Kingston, New York at the lake house of his parents, Robert and Helena Browning. Photography by Evan Browning.


Stòffa Collection 04 is a thoughtful blend of summer staples and brand new silhouettes. It features a selection of our iconic outerwear and sweater designs complemented by FOCA sunglasses and our one-of-a-kind series—unique pieces crafted from our collection of archival deadstock fabrics.

Special for this season, a selection of garments are available ready-made at Bar Stòffa. The collection will be available online from June 16 to July 23, 2022.


Introducing the Stòffa one-of-a-kind series—a curation of collectable garments in unique silhouettes, designs, and fabrics. Most pieces in this new series are made from our deadstock fabrics. Collected over many years, these beautiful fabrics are often no longer in production, making each piece a unique, limited edition.

This first release features an assortment of linen, wool and silk blends specially curated with the help of a third-generation fabric house from Biella, Italy. It is complemented with a series of handloom silk fabrics from India.


A series of vintage deadstock F.O.C.A. sunglasses. Crafted in Cadore, Italy in the 1960s. Curated and prepared in collaboration with Lucio Stramare and his talented team of restorers.

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The last remaining F.O.C.A. workshop in Cadore. Photography by Studio Mare.