Isamu Noguchi

With a body of work spanning sculpture, dance, furniture, lightning and landscapes, Isamu Noguchi is one of the most revered figures of the 20th-century canon.1 Noguchi believed the sculptor’s task was to shape space to give it order and meaning, and that art should “disappear,” or be as one with its surroundings.2

His extraordinary range of projects included playgrounds and plazas, furniture and gardens, stone-carved busts and Akari paper lights so delicate they could be folded and put into an envelope.3 He also made, commissioned, and collaborated on dozens of models for actual and theoretical spaces.4

Noguchi's abstract composition, California Scenario, was completed in 1982 and features elements representing the Golden State's diverse ecosystems: mountains, redwoods, rivers, deserts, and meadows.5   

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