03 November 2021

Introducing: The Work Shirt

Our newest shirt silhouette is offered in a special upcycled cotton denim for winter 2021.

Our new Work Shirt combines our signature swooping spread collar with generous, softly rounded chest pockets and natural mother of pearl buttons. For its inaugural season, we're offering it in a special upcycled denim developed by the premier circular design lab and textile mill, Iris Textiles. This sturdy fabric, along with durable double-needle stitching throughout the design, lends a beautiful heft to the shirt, and ensures it will age gracefully.

Collected and sorted post-industrial waste from local garment factories is ground back into fiber. (image courtesy of The New Denim Project)

Iris Textiles is based in Guatemala and has been family-owned and operated since 1956. They specialize in chemical-free, natural fibers and circular manufacturing, including this heavyweight denim.

Under the moniker of The New Denim Project, Iris Textiles is now focussed on making yarn and fabric entirely from unused t-shirts, jeans, and other post-industrial textile waste. They do not use any virgin cotton fiber in their collection.

In addition, the cottonseed and cotton lint leftover from their upcycling process is passed on to coffee-growers Finca San Jeronimo Miramar to use as compost to cultivate specialty coffee in the highlands of Guatemala.

The fiber is then spun into new yarns in a chemical-free, dye-free process that uses minimal water and energy. (image courtesy of The New Denim Project)

Takashi wears the Work Shirt in Washed Indigo Upcycled Cotton, Crew Neck in Indigo Cashmere and Single Pleat Trouser in Indigo Moss Flannel

Chris wears the Work Shirt in Ecru Upcycled Cotton, Roll Neck in Ivory Cashmere and Single Pleat Trousers in Black Basketweave

Shop our Winter 2021 Collection, available online and in our showroom until January 15, 2021.