26 May 2021

In Depth: Summer Fabrics

Specially curated to complement the mood of the season, our summer '21 collection is offered in an array of speciality fabrics like hand-loomed silk, washed linen and cotton mouline.

Made from an ultra-fine linen cotton blend, this lightweight shirting fabric has a medium body and elegant drape. It’s cool to the touch, with a smooth, luxurious hand that’s a pleasure to wear even in the summer heat.

Available in Grey and Peach in the Camp Shirt.

We were thrilled to discover these vintage, handloomed silks in upstate New York a few years back. They date back to the 1960’s and were each woven in India using hand looms and naturally dyed or undyed yarns. The handspun, slubby yarn lends a unique surface texture to these lustrous silks.

Available in Ice Blue and Sand Herringbone in the Shirt Jacket and the Lounge Jacket.

The varied coloration and visual texture of this cotton mouliné are the result of twisting together three yarns unique in color but identical in quality. Perfect for the warmer seasons, the fabric has a beautiful bounce and a smooth, crisp hand that’s cool to the touch.

Available in Taupe and Washed Indigo in the Shirt and the Polo.

Made by twisting together two diverse yarns—a slubby linen and fine cotton—this knit fabric has a crisp, dry hand and a relaxed drape. It’s a great companion on hot summer days, when the loose, open weave helps the fabric breath while linen wicks moisture away from the body.

Available in Grey in the Shirt and the Polo.

These open-weave wools are our most breathable fabrics. Made from multi-ply, high-twist yarns for true durability and wrinkle-resistance, they're ideal fabrics for travel or everyday wear, and perfect for hot weather. Two are from our our natural wool series, which showcases the ultimate fiber in its purest form. Utilizing the full range of sheep’s native hair colors—cream, taupe, light brown, and chocolate—we create natural merino wool, absent of any chemical dyes or synthetic finishing agents.

Available in Charcoal 3-Ply Wool and Taupe Plain Weave Natural Wool.

We washed our classic linen to give it a softer hand and more fluid drape. A summer staple, it's made from an extra fine yarn and woven tightly for a compact but crisp fabric that keeps its overall shape in spite of the natural folding of the linen.

Available in Sand and Indigo.

Light yet resilient, this fabric uses a 2-ply yarn with some extra twists for added strength and a beautiful, flowy quality. It’s dyed in matted hues and finished with a soft luster to complement the glistening summer light.⁣

Available in Bone, Sand and Eggplant.

Kantha is a hand-quilted fabric made by a collective of master craftswomen in the Kutch region of India. Using leftover pieces of hand-spun, hand-loomed cotton, they delicately patch, quilt and embroider in curved patterns, creating visual harmony by complementing the natural shape of each piece of fabric. This fabric is created by 11.11 / eleven eleven.

Available in Ecru in the Drawstring Shorts.

Shop our Summer 2021 Collection, available online and in our showroom until August 14, 2021.