18 May 2022

In Depth: Deadstock Fabrics

A special curation made from deadstock materials, available in limited quantities.

Our deadstock series is composed of fabrics and yarns that are no longer in production, so each garment made in these special cloths is a unique, limited edition.

This release features a series of linen, wool and silk blends specially curated with the help of a third generation fabric house from Biella, Italy. Rooted in century-old weaving practices and traditions, each fabric is made with yarns spun and woven exclusively in Biella. Since they were discovered with small supply remaining, each fabric is available in very limited quantities.

This speckled wool silk fabric from the 90's has a beautiful salt & pepper effect. The slub yarn adds visual texture yet remains smooth and cool to the touch. Combining silk with the natural moisture-wicking properties of wool make for a great summer cloth even in the warmest of weather.

DB Shirt Jacket and Single Pleat Trousers in Pearl Speckled Wool Silk Linen


Cellulose acetate at F.O.C.A. was cured and aged (stagionato). After being heated and set, it was allowed to rest for months like a fine cheese or wine. This process stabilized the acetate, forming a dense consistency which lends a rich, substantial hand and helps the frames retain their shape through heavy wear and high temperatures.

Available in King (Dark Havana Acetate), 83 (Olive Acetate), and PP15 (Grey Acetate).

Made in a breathable open weave, this cotton linen has an airy and crisp feel that's perfect for warm weather. The dry yet silken hand is a pleasure on your skin as the humidity rises.

Spread Collar Shirt in Sand Stripe Cotton Linen


The remaining quantities of this deadstock yarn were dyed exclusively for us, rendering beautful shades in an open-weave jersey fabric. Cool to the touch and excellent at wicking moisture, this fabric is a warm weather staple.

Spread Collar Shirt and Lounge Shirt in Navy Slub Linen Jersey
T-Shirt, Band Collar, and Lounge Shirt in Seafoam Slub Linen Jersey

A deadstock find from the early 90s, this linen twill is soft to the touch and has a muted luster that is great for everyday wear. The washed finish complements its silken hand and allows the fabric to beautifully rumple as you wear it.

Camp Shirt and Work Shirt in Slate Washed Linen Twill

The gentle luster of this 90's deadstock linen silk is enhanced by its deep navy hue, while a subtly slubby surface adds just the right amount of texture.

Work Shirt, Camp Shirt and DB Shirt Jacket in Navy Slub Linen Silk Twill

Shop Collection 03, available online and in our showroom until 11 June, 2022.