26 August 2021

In Depth: Autumn Layers

Explore our full range of seasonal shirts and knits.

Our Camp Shirt is offered in an ultra-fine linen cotton blend that’s cool to the touch with a smooth, luxurious hand—a pleasure to wear even in the summer heat. Featuring a one-piece collar, chest pockets and a square hem, it’s perfect for lounging.

Camp Shirt in Stone, Sand and Chocolate Peached Cotton, Charcoal 3-Ply Wool, and Dark Indigo Washed Linen.

This series of knit sweaters—featuring our coveted polo and shirt models—is great for comfortable, refined summer looks. Each style is available in a both a bouncey cotton mouliné with smooth, cool hand, or a crisp linen cotton slub.

Short Sleeve Knit T-Shirt in Taupe and Washed Indigo Cotton Mouliné.
Long Sleeve Knit T-Shirt in Taupe and Washed Indigo Cotton Mouliné.

Cashmere Knit Shirt in Ivory, Ice, Dark Indigo and Charcoal.

Cashmere U-Neck Vest in Ivory, Taupe, Dark Indigo and Charcoal.

Our classic pique shirts are offered in a variety of designs—like our signature band collar pop-over or lounge shirts—all made up in our luxurious cotton knit. The fabric was specially finished for a cool, silken hand, and is available an array of exclusive seasonal and perennial colors.

Band Collar in Ivory and Dark Indigo Cotton Pique.
Spread Collar in Ivory and Taupe Cotton Pique
T-Shirt in Ivory, Taupe and Dark Indigo Pique.

Shop our Autumn 2021 Collection, available online and in our showroom until October 16, 2021.