16 February 2022

In Depth: Collection 01 Fabrics

Dive deeper into some of the new fabrics from Collection 01, featuring a dense 2-ply twill, flowy brushed cotton and a range of new suedes.


Our lamb suede is light, but not too delicate; elegant, yet easy. We're now offering a perforated version for added breathability as temperatures rise. Garments made in perforated suede also come lined in mesh to enhance air flow.


Specially developed for our unlined Shirt Jacket, we took an ultra-thin suede and backed it with an innovative paper film, so the inside of each garment is smooth and easy to layer.


This open-weave wool is our most breathable fabric yet. It’s made from 3-ply, high-twist yarns for true durability and wrinkle-resistance. For added functionality, it’s also been specially treated for water repellency and odor resistance. It’s an ideal fabric for travel or everyday wear, and perfect for hot weather.


Thanks to the high-twist, 2-ply yarn used in its warp and weft, this dense cotton twill keeps its shape superbly. The gently brushed surface creates a matte finish that will develop a beautiful, vintage-like patina over time.


Our second fabric from Guatemalan circular design lab and textile mill Iris Textiles, this upcycled cotton twill is brushed, lending a soft hand that perfectly complements the gentle, fluid drape of the cloth.

Camp Shirt (Washed Indigo Upcycled Brushed Twill)


This deadstock fabric was made by an esteemed silk fabric maker in Como, Italy. By twisting long staple, Giza cotton yarn, they created a lightweight, breathable jersey with a silken finish and lovely drape.


Now available in black, this plain weave linen is made from extra-fine yarn that’s woven tightly and then gently washed to stabilize the fabric. The result is a compact but crisp cloth that has all the rumpled charm of linen but maintains its overall shape well when made up as a garment.


Now in three new colors: wheat, pearl and walnut. We work with a seasoned yarn maker to source the finest cashmere, spun specially for us in limited quantities. The long-staple fibers are resilient and soft, and gently washed to preserve their integrity.

Shop Collection 01, available online and in our showroom until March 19, 2022.