22 February 2022

Highlights: Collection 01

Explore some of the key designs offered in our latest collection.

Wide Leg Ecru Denim Trousers

This upcycled denim twill is made up in a wide, relaxed silhouette with our washable construction—an ideal foundation for casual looks this spring.

Box Pleat Trousers in Ecru Upcycled Cotton (WIDE FIT)

Pearl Cotton Twill Work Shirt

Rendered in this soft yet substantial cotton twill, our recently launched work shirt will only get better with age. This combination of fabric and silhouette is reminiscent of old denim shirts and their coveted patina.

Work Shirt in Pearl Cotton Twill

Unlined Suede Shirt Jacket

We combined our signature Shirt Jacket with the special paper-backed suede that we developed for EDITION 001. The featherweight suede beautifully showcases the delicate tuck pleats and fine edge stitching that define this silhouette. Light, easy to layer, and extremely versatile, this piece can be worn throughout the year and makes a great travel companion.

Unlined Shirt Jacket in Mid-Grey Suede

Walnut Cashmere U-Neck Vest

A beloved part of our collection since its inception, this season our U-Neck Vest now comes in a versatile shade of walnut brown. The combination of silhouette and color make for an elegant, easy layer in both formal and casual settings.

U-Neck Vest in Walnut Cashmere

Asymmetric Jacket in Chocolate Plongé

Chocolate Plongé Asymmetric Jacket

The Asymmetric Jacket has been our favorite top layer for casual outfits since its relaunch last fall. A visually softer version of its black counterpart, for this collection we’re offering it in a rich, chocolate brown shade of our plongé leather. It pairs equally well with natural earth tones or rich blues and blacks.

Asymmetric Jacket in Chocolate Plongé

Charcoal 3-Ply Wool Raglan Coat

A few years in development, this is the ultimate water repellant coat for warm weather. It’s crafted in our resilient yet ultra-light 3-ply wool and is a pleasure to wear thanks to the fabric’s breathability, functionality, and drape. This is a piece that will easily become a staple of your wardrobe for years to come.

Raglan Coat in Charcoal 3-Ply Wool

Raglan Coat in Charcoal 3-Ply Wool

Shop Collection 01, available online and in our showroom until March 19, 2022.