16 December 2021

Gifting: The Made-to-Measure Experience

An essay by Aleks Cvetkovic

Writer and journalist Aleks Cvetkovic shares his thoughts on gifting and old-world charm of the made-to-measure experience.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged among stylish men that clothes you ‘commission’ – that you design as made-to-order pieces with a brand you trust – are more special than those you pick up off the rack. Sitting down with a like-minded expert and taking time to carefully decide on the composition of a made-to-measure piece is a very rewarding personal endeavour, one that encourages you to slow down a little. Of course, at this time of year, this makes a made-to-measure experience a very thoughtful gift to give, too.

At Stòffa, embarking on a made-to-measure order is about more than designing a new jacket, coat or pair of tailored pants; it’s about taking some time out to relax, have a coffee and sit and be in an inspiring space, with a friendly specialist on-hand to listen to your needs and help you design a garment that complements your lifestyle. The folks at Stòffa have always said to me that they view this process as relationship building – becoming a made-to-measure client allows the brand to better understand who you are and what you need from your clothes, so they can better serve you.

With all this in mind, trying ‘MTM’ is also an experience that reinforces how personal clothes can be – and just what it takes to create something that will stand the test of time in a throwaway culture. A huge part of Stòffa’s promise as a brand is expertise in conscientiously designing clothes to last, which makes the experience all the more rewarding to either give or receive.

After your partner, friend or family member falls in love with the made-to-measure journey, that new jacket or pant will keep on giving for months and years to come as the finished garment itself finds its place in their wardrobe as a firm favourite.

As a fashion journalist, creating made-to-measure garments with inspiring brands has always been one of the most exciting parts of the job. Not least because you frequently revisit the design process and that great feeling of anticipation as you wait for your new piece to arrive back in the showroom for fitting, and then again each time you choose to slip it on in the mornings before heading out the door.

It’s something that every man should experience in my book, at least.

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Aleks Cvetkovic is freelance journalist and content strategist. He writes on men’s style for publications including FT How To Spend It, Monocle, British GQ and Robb Report, among others. He also hosts HandCut Radio, a critically acclaimed podcast that interviews key personalities in men’s style, media and luxury. He lives in north east London.

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