Gauri Gill – Fields Of Sight

Buoyed by a sustained interest in collaboration, Gauri Gill's photography undertakes a deep concern with the local narratives of her subjects. Fields of Sight, a series created in conjunction with the indigenous artist Rajesh Vangad, features Gill's photographs abundantly overlaid with Vangad's swirling geometric forms. These forms—painted in the ancient Indian tribal style Warli—fill the landscapes left sparse by Gill. Their collaboration is an innovative blend of the traditional and contemporary, highlighting how the modern Indian countryside is informed by the people and culture that came before it.

"In the act of viewing the landscape through the eyes of Vangad, Gill rekindles the need to challenge the way we see things today, what our eyes capture and what may elude them. 'As though one were photographing an old home, and the resident of the house came out, and began to speak.'"
- Excerpt and images from the artist's website