Casa Pedregal

Built in the late 1940's on a field of volcanic stone in Mexico City, Casa Pedregal is the largest private residence designed by Luis Barragán. Barragán designed on site, carefully integrating nature and ensuring harmony in all elements for what would be a family’s sacred space. César Cervantes has been the proprietor of Casa Pedregal since 2014. His team was responsible for the careful restoration of the home and now shares this modernist masterpiece with the public, hosting other artisans and cultivating a culture of appreciation for such meaningful work. Barragán’s developed about one residential project per decade, and to Cervantes, the results of this more deliberate pace are clear: “…the houses are all masterpieces.”

“Any work of architecture which does not express serenity is a mistake,” said Barragán, a star of the 20th century architecture scene and Pritzker Prize winner in 1980. Stepping onto the property, his words seem to echo, immediately tangible in the home's pink palette, revealing the architect’s predilection for intense and vibrant colors. Even in its grandeur, Casa Pedregal reveals itself little by little: pastel-colored walls, slices of protruding light, and an emanating aura of peace. It’s as if the metropolitan madness beyond has ceased to exist.
- Elisa Zagaria, Inside Luis Barragán’s Casa Pedregal, Elle Decor

Images Courtesy Onnis Luque & Stòffa