Woven Scarves

Woven on century old looms, our scarves are a study of color and elegant jacquard designs. Amazingly light yet comfortingly warm, these scarves are the perfect marriage of functionality and ease.

True Fiber

Only the right combination of the finest yarns and our particular finishing techniques result in scarves with such true colors and brilliant hand.

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Despite a highly manual and time intensive process, we continue to use original jacquard looms that yield a product unmatched by any modern day machines.


A special developed cashmere and silk yarn dyed in exclusive colors lends the scarves a lush brilliance that

Wrapped Inspiration


Our scarves are offered in a range of shapes and sizes to keep you company at all times.

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01. Woven Square Scarf in Indigo Alternating Dots

02. Woven Scarf in Slate Double Sided Reverse Pin Dot

03. Woven Large Scarf in Slate Alternating Dots

04. Woven Shawl Scarf in Slate Solid Basketweave