woven shawl scarf - solid with border (chocolate)

Woven on century old looms, our shawls are a study of color and elegant jacquard designs. Although a slow and tedious process, only the right combination of material woven on these looms and our particular finishing techniques result in shawls with such true colors and a brilliant hand. Made with a new double-weight yarn, these shawls feel like wrapping oneself in a cashmere silk cloud. Woven on the full width of the loom and at 200 cm long, these are also the perfect throw for when you want to just stay in.

"This one is part of a series of lush pale colors with a subtle woven border."

Width: 80 cm / 32 inches
Length: 200 cm / 79 inches

Care: Dry clean only.

Composition: 70% cashmere 30% silk.

Origin: Biella, Italy.
  • woven shawl scarf - solid with border (chocolate)
  • woven shawl scarf - solid with border (chocolate)


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