Vignelli's Guidelines

Massimo Vignelli’s work is everywhere, whether you realize it or not. If you live in New York City, you probably use his designs daily - he created the iconic signage system still used in New York City subways. The acclaimed Italian modernist designed everything from packaging to furniture, including some of the world's longest lasting corporate identities for American Airlines, Knoll, IBM and many more.

Vignelli's design philosophy - design as one - was holistic, relying heavily upon the use of intelligent constraints to provide structure. These constraints were instrumental in maintaining harmony amongst the varied forms and functions of the innumerable designs required for a large-scale project. Each rule remained adaptable enough to apply to each individual aspect of the work, yet rigid enough to form a consistent identity across the entire project.

"Design discipline is above and beyond any style. All style requires discipline in order to be expressed... Design is a discipline, a creative process with its own rules, controlling the consistency of its output toward its objective in the most direct and expressive way."
-Massimo Vignelli