03 June 2021

In Depth: Summer Outerwear

This summer we're offering featherweight jackets in washed linen and silk, along with a cotton version of our signature Flight Jacket that's perfect for rainy days or cool summer nights.

Our Lounge Jacket is clean and simple. It was developed in partnership with a second-generation maker based in Gallarate, Italy who specializes in delicate fibers like fine silk and knit pique. Their deep knowledge and expertise were instrumental in crafting a featherweight jacket with artisanal design details like fine edge stitching and French seams throughout.

Available in Ice Blue Hand-loomed Silk. Available in Sand, Mid Grey and Indigo Washed Linen.

The design of our Double-Breasted Shirt Jacket acknowledges a variety of garment-making traditions—from tailoring to shirt-making, functional workwear and uniforms—but aims to present an option free from their inherent associations and limitations. It’s cut straight through the body for a more relaxed fit and can be worn in the same spirit as a lightweight chore coat or a casual alternative to a sport jacket.

Available online in Washed Linen in Sand, Mid Grey and Indigo. Available made-to-measure in Hand-loomed Silk in Ice Blue and Sand Herringbone.

This cropped flight jacket is a simple play on proportions. Generous pockets and a soft, rolling collar combine with subtle, single-needle stitching for a handsome addition to any outfit. Offered in our water-repellant cotton canvas for summer ’21, it makes for a great layer on rainy days or cool summer nights.

Available online in Mid Grey Cotton Canvas. Available made-to-measure in Pearl, Slate and Chocolate Cotton Canvas.

This lightweight, unlined layer is great for daily wear and as a travel companion. Our Shirt Jacket is comfortable and functional, featuring intuitive details like side entry pockets for natural, easy wear. Suitable for all seasons, it works well on its own or as a mid-layer under one of our overcoats.

Available online in Indigo Washed Linen and Hand-Loomed Silk in Ice Blue and Sand Herringbone. Available made-to-measure in Sand and Mid Grey Washed Linen.

Shop our Summer 2021 Collection, available online and in our showroom until August 14, 2021.