11 April 2022

In Depth: Collection 02 Fabrics

Featuring an array of fabrics specially developed to keep it breezy in the warm days ahead.


Made from an ultra-fine linen cotton blend, this lightweight shirting fabric has a medium body and elegant drape. It’s cool to the touch, with a smooth, luxurious hand that’s a pleasure to wear even in the summer heat.


This plain weave linen is made from extra-fine yarn that is woven tightly and then gently washed to stabilize the fabric. The result is a compact but crisp cloth that has all the rumpled charm of linen but maintains its overall shape well when made up as a garment.

Single Pleat Trouser (Ivory Linen), DB Shirt Jacket (Sand Linen), Single Pleat Trouser (Chocolate Linen), Single Pleat Trouser (Black Linen), DB Shirt Jacket (Mid Grey) , Drawstring Trouser (Mid Grey Linen) , Drawstring Trouser (Indigo Linen) , DB Shirt Jacket (Black Linen)


This open-weave wool is perhaps our most breathable fabric. It’s made from 3-ply, high-twist yarns for true durability and wrinkle-resistance. For added functionality, it’s also been specially treated for water repellency and odor resistance. It’s an ideal fabric for travel or everyday wear, and perfect for hot weather.


These tropical weight wool blends are each lightweight and feature a breathable open weave—the perfect combination for a luxurious warm-weather cloth. Made from a blend of wool, silk and linen, the fibers combine to create resilient fabrics with a beautiful luster and visual depth.

Top: Drawstring Shorts (Washed Indigo Wool Silk Linen), Single Pleat Trouser (Walnut Wool Silk) , Field Blouson (Charcoal 3-Ply Wool)
Bottom: Raglan Coat (Charcoal 3-Ply Wool) , Camp Shirt (Mid-Grey 3-Ply Wool) , Double Pleat Shorts (Mid-Grey 3-Ply Wool)


For our warm-weather knits we turned to Italy’s premier cotton yarn maker—an industry leader in sustainable water usage and dyeing practices—to create this special cotton mouliné. The varied coloration and visual texture are the result of twisting together three yarns unique in color but identical in quality. Perfect for the warmer seasons, the fabric has a beautiful bounce and a smooth, crisp hand that’s cool to the touch.

Short Sleeve Polo, available in Sand Cotton Mouliné, Anthracite Cotton Mouliné
Long Sleeve Knit T-Shirt, available in Anthracite Cotton Mouliné , Sand Cotton Mouliné


Especially well-suited for transitional weather, this wool is made from high-twist, worsted fiber that lend excellent moisture wicking properties and a crisp, silken hand to the fabric.

Flight Jacket (Black Lamb Suede)

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