in color



to move color
to move with color
to be moved by color
to live with color
to love color
(June 2016)

Harkat (urdu) : A playful movement or escape.

Dyeing with vegetable and mineral based dyes to embrace the inherent movement in the color. Our love for color and playfulness captured on fabric.

Painting with dyes to create the most invaluable hues that can never be defined.

01 02 03

01. Created using mud resist and dyed with naturally occurring indigo.

02. Created using mud resist and a dye derived from kashish, a naturally occurring mineral.

03. Painted directly with different concentrations of naturally occurring alizarin dye and boiled in a mordant solution.

“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most.”
— John Ruskin

A special thanks to all those that have helped us in our exploration of color. Let the journey continue.