neela, blu, blue
brimming potential, washed memories
navy, indigo, slate and sea
(April 2016)

Our journey through majestic Rajasthan continues. A myriad of blues against the grand structures and vast expanses of pale sand. All complete with the warm hearts and beautiful smiles.

The stòffa collection is a set of luxurious and versatile pieces to be enjoyed everyday. Thoughtfully designed products that compliment a life on the move.

Our garments combine clean, elegant lines with meticulously tested details invoking a natural affinity with the wearer. Technical innovations to enhance the performance of natural fabrics while maintaining their supple hand make the garments a delight to wear.

Browse through our latest exploration of color - shades of blue with pale sand.

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01. Flight Jacket in Sand Linen

02. Flight Jacket in Slate Linen

03. Asymmetric Jacket in Navy Linen

A supple linen yarn woven in a fine basket weave. The subtle texture of this fabric coupled with a silken hand perfectly compliments the clean and soft lines of our signature outerwear silhouettes. Available in sand, slate blue, steel grey and navy.

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01. Sport Trousers in Sand Linen

02. Sport Trousers in Slate Linen

03. Sport Trousers in Navy Linen

A fine, crisp yarn with clean premier finish. Sharp creases and a silken hand make this version of linen the ideal summer option for our natural rise trousers. The perfect foundation for any look.

The Painted Bandanas are the product of our exploration of color. Our study of natural and mineral based dyes in Rajasthan informs our technique of painting with them to embrace the inherent movement in the colors. Each panel of the bandana is individually painted with a mud resist or mordant before dyeing to create dulcet tones that highlight the beautiful depth in these dyes.

01 02 03

01. Painted Bandana in Shades of Indigo

02. Painted Bandana in Shades of Elephant Grey

03. Painted Bandana in Shades of Madder Red

Lush versions of our soft lamb suede are now also available in a perforated version. Finished to be supple yet sturdy, our jackets have the softest hand without compromising any durability.

01 02

01. Flight Jacket in Sand Suede

02. Field Jacket in Sand Perforated Suede

Our lush rollable felt hats are the perfect travel companion. A special steaming and blocking process allows them to readily return to shape after being rolled. And like most good things in life, they get better with age - wear them, fold them, travel, beat them up and they will only get softer and more comfortable.

01 02

01. Beaver Felt Hat in Chocolate Brown

02. Rabbit Felt Hat in Sand

Amazingly light yet comfortingly warm, our scarves are the perfect marriage of functionality and ease. Fine cashmere and silk in pale spring colors - the ideal choice for chilly spring evenings.

01 02 03

01. Woven Large Scarf in Washed Indigo

02. Woven Large Scarf in Ash Grey

03. Woven Large Scarf in Terracotta

Celebrating shades of blue against the pale sands of majestic Rajasthan.

01 02
03 04

01. Asymmetric Jacket in Navy Suede

02. Flight Jacket in Slate Linen

02. Field Jacket in Navy Linen

02. Asymmetric Overcoat in Navy Water Resistant Cotton

A special thanks to all our lovely collaborators in Rajasthan. Here’s to the beginning of an amazing journey.