Stòffa Footwear

Stòffa Footwear

Conceptualized and built from scratch, this series of thoughtful, clean silhouettes is made exclusively from all-natural materials that informed both the design and construction. We pulled inspiration from folk shoes that were closely wrapped around the foot and designed to be worn in natural conditions, and combined them with longstanding construction techniques to create shoes that will hold up in a modern context.

Collection 05

Our fifth collection of 2023 introduces a series of new fabrics and yarns across our signature outerwear and sweater designs. Key highlights include brushed silk, deadstock wool silk linen twill, a newly developed merino silk yarn, and two new designs — a sleeveless cardigan, and the peacoat. We’ve also restocked some of our classic accessories, including our silk knit ties, cashmere silk scarves and knit watch caps.

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Made to Measure

We are proud to offer made-to-measure across all categories as part of our commitment to thoughtful product, personal service and responsible manufacturing. We’re all unique – in our body type, and in our preferences. Our made-to-measure service is designed to better understandyou and offer guidance tailored to your individual context.

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l'Anima della Città
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Hand Framed Sweaters

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions or want to learn more about Stòffa? Explore some Frequently Asked Questions for more detailed information about our brand, products, and made-to-measure process.

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